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January 29 2015

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Tell me every terrible thing you ever did, and let me love you anyway.
— (via hefuckin)
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January 24 2015

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because he’s been a major part of your life, of course you’ll miss him; it’s perfectly normal. It’s like getting a tooth pulled out; after the dentist pulls it out you’re relieved. But how many times does your tongue run itself over the spot where the tooth once was? Just because it was hurting you does not mean you don’t notice it. It leaves a gap, and sometimes you find yourself missing it terribly. It’s going to take a while, it’s going to take time. But should you have kept the tooth? No, because it was causing you pain. Pulling the tooth was the right decision, but it’s going to hurt.
— how to get over it (via xayvx)

January 20 2015

you think you’re ok until you’re up at 3am crying about everything and nothing all at once
— I think I need someone (via hereyeswereempty)
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January 19 2015

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January 16 2015

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About love.
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January 12 2015

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January 11 2015

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December 15 2014

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December 13 2014

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December 09 2014

We cannot live in a world that is not our own, in a world that is interpreted for us by others. An interpreted world is not a home. Part of the terror is to take back our own listening, to use our own voice, to see our own light.
— St. Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179)

December 08 2014

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December 02 2014

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